Laughy Stuff

I haven’t been great about posting lately, I know. We are gearing up for a big season at work- so I have been dedicating a lot of time to work. BUUUUT I have been thinking about this post for awhile and saving some pictures here and there. These are the things I have been cracking up about lately-

First up, cats or babies in wigs. I don’t know why I think they are so funny, but they are.


Next–I don’t even know where I came across these “head hammocks” I think maybe in skymall or something?

Head_Hammock2but when I tried google-ing them to find a picture to send to Matt, I found something even more hilarious:



Found out about the “Boyfriend” pillows from Glee–but when I was looking for them online, I found these equally-horrible “Girlfriend” pillows too! Loneliness no more!


I am more obsessed than usual with Daniel Tosh & Tosh.0—I have always been a fan, but it is really a fave these days. Not much TV makes me LOL (lull) like Tosh.


This cat accessory…(no, I don’t even have a cat)


This is my favorite thing of all—Dogs in pantyhose! Especially the really fluffy ones. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time…

Dogs-in-pantyhose2 Dogs-in-pantyhose-jpg Dogs-in-pantyhose-3

There we go! Hopefully they can make you laugh as much as they make me laugh :)

Happy Monday!


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