Our Maui Honeymoon!

I figured it is probably about time that I take the time to blog the photos from our honeymoon. Considering it took place week before Christmas (hence all of the Christmas trees and Santa Claus! weird in paradise right?) 4 months later is long overdue…and don’t you worry- I have Christmas pictures coming up next! yikes.

This brings back so many memories of the amazing time we had in Maui. Enjoy our shutter-happy-ness (this is really only a selection of the loads of pictures we took!) and our portraits of our wooden native friends.

Mouthwatering for some more of that Wailua Wheat beer, bacon burger (the best I have ever had), and shaved ice with ice cream in the bottom!!! Yummmmmm-oh!

AND my husband is doing VERY well with the camera lately- so proud of him!!!!

Maui_Honeymoon_2012-101 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-102 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-103 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-104 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-105 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-106 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-107 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-108 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-109 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-110 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-111 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-112 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-113 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-114 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-115 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-116 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-117 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-118 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-119 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-120 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-121 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-122 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-123 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-124 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-125 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-126 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-127 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-128 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-129 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-130 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-131 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-132 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-133 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-134 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-135 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-136 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-137 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-138 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-139 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-140 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-141 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-142 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-143 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-144 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-145 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-146 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-147 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-148 Maui_Honeymoon_2012-149


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