Planter Boxes from Pallets

Some of you know that I am a real trash digger and a sucker for free stuff. So when I have the opportunity to build/paint something that used to be trash and make it awesome, it brings joy to my heart. DIY addiction.

In my search for the “perfect pallets” to build some patio furniture- I found these smaller pallets that actually have a closed bottom and are divided into two sections. All it took was a couple of 2×4’s to close up the 2 open sides, paint, dirt, and plants! Yay! Pop of color for our work-in-progress landscaping.

Here is a table/planter I made from a found wood box (I believe it is used to ship guns) and some cut 2×4’s. Some paint and succulents- voila! Now we have a place to set out drinks on our front patio and an excuse to buy more succulents (I sort of have a problem)!
Everything took me a few hours, a husband with a saw, and a hammer…. Chow. Chicka. Bow. Wow.


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