Oh my gosh, I feel so incredibly guilty that I have let my poor little blog get so neglected. I thought I better write a quick post to update anyone who actually gives a crap-ola.

Marriage is going wonderfully. I feel blessed for every single day I have with this man. It seriously just bewilders me to think about my life and where I could have been and who I could have ended up with if I hadn’t held out. I mean, seriously- who could possibly be more perfect for each other? He has been so amazing throughout all of the stresses we have already dealt with this year. Emotionally, he has truly been my rock in the most painful time I have experienced in my life thus far (maybe one day I will have the courage to talk about). I am seriously so lucky. *Ah! here come the waterworks! Man, I really just couldn’t handle it without him.

Work. Wow, yes work. My photography business is awesome. We have truly had the most perfect clients this year. Really, Ampersand couples are the BEST! Wedding season is always a lot of work, but it makes it so enjoyable when we get to work for quality people who we believe in, and more importantly- believe in us.

Now, something out of the ordinary popped up this summer- our favorite paper store “Paper Express” announced that they were closing their doors. With us wondering where in the world we would be able to order our specialty papers for our custom wedding invitations, we figured that there were a lot of businesses who were wondering the exact same thing. So, of course- why wouldn’t we just take over the store? Obvi. (Ya, obviously we are friggin nutso!) Frannie and I had a vision for the store and have now been open for about 3 weeks as “Paperie + Pen“—it has been a lot of learning and stress, but we are excited to fill the void that we have in Boise for ordering specialty paper as well as serving as a place for brides to go for custom & DIY wedding invitation supplies and services. WOW.

That’s really it. I mean, there is more to it- but yes, pretty much it.


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