The “What’s Happenin”

You know, its really funny how I find myself in these weird funks every now and then. It is like the preparation before wintertime where I am soooo exhausted and tired of working that all I want to do is watch back-to-back trash tv in sweatpants in front of a heater. Real inspiring, I know. But I am trying to keep up on the keepin on…or something. Let’s call it out- I have been a disgraceful blogger and probably a worse housewife.

The new retail adventure has been just that, and adventure. We decided to jump in feet first and take on a business that we still have a lot to learn about. Purchasing inventory, finding the right store layout, making improvements, gaining money, flushing money, holy moly- it is a lot. Plus the grumpy customers don’t help, but the happy customers make the difference.

Yesterday- I had a lady tell me that the letterhead we have is “boring” and then another lady stole the backs off a pair of stud earrings we have for sale- like I wouldn’t notice that the woman who coincidentally lost both her earring backs in the store wouldn’t be the obvious thief. Oh yes, then I had a 18-20-something kid ask to borrow a marker and a cardboard box and proceeded to make a sign to hold along the roadside for money.
**Let’s just say that a retail environment is a slightly different world than what I had become accustom to with photography full time.
With everything else aside, nothing makes me happier than to come home to my incredible husband every day. I am so overjoyed to have each and every day with him.

(we went to McCall for the one-year anniversary, I need to do a post soon with the pictures we took. I am pretty proud of my little shutter bug and his photo skills)


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