Best Bubble Bath


I think winter has officially begun here in Boise, and there is nothing like feeling that deep bone chilling cold and hopping into a hot bubble bath- heck ya.

I have been on the search for a bubble bath that has a good bang for its buck- cuz for all of you who know me personally…this girl is a tad bit stingy when it comes to paying full price for something that isn’t a sure thing.

So while browsing the bubble bath section of my local Walmart, let’s just say that I was tempted to grab the 1.99 jug of pink and call it a day, but I have used the Dr Teal’s Epsom Salts before for sore muscles and thought maybe I should splurge for the 6-buck 34oz bottle of the “Soften & Nourish” foaming bath since my skin has been itching from the cheap crap I’ve been using mixed with this drying winter weather.

It says to use “a generous amount” but I have gotten away with a quick pour in my soaker tub and it has produced frothy long lasting bubbles! Seriously, after having to dump half a jug of “pink stuff” in previous baths, I am sold on the price of paying more for a good thing. Plus my skin doesn’t seem as dry- score.

Haha with the amount I have been working lately, sorry to say- this is about the most exciting thing I have to write about (I am pretty excited actually) so I am hoping soon I will have more time for posting from somewhere other than my bathtub from my WordPress phone app. In the meantime- stay warm and no matter how busy you are, everyone needs to make time for themselves in a bubble bath with a smart phone.


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