Cascade with the Christophers


On a bloggin roll y’all! Waiting for some work photos to export- so figured I would get a little caught up on blogging since my husband says he never gets to see our pictures…so here we go! All caught up til Christmas…ha.
Last weekend we got to take a little mini-trip with a couple of our favorite people- Chris and Stacey Christopher. We went up to my grandparents little cabin in Cascade and has a nice relaxing time eating, laying around, and whooping ass at hand and foot. It was a close call, after 3 games- the boys barely won…barely. AND WE DECLARE A REMATCH- YOU HEAR!?

It was nice to see some snow on the ground (it is beautiful up there right now) but we were a little disappointed that our fave Salmon River Brewery in McCall was closed for the weekend (apparently they are moving to a new location?) since we were looking forward to a hot BBQ’d pretzel (de-friggin-lish) and Chris was looking forward to eating a spicy wiener… next time, next time. I also got to visit the BEAUTIFUL Tamarack Resort in Donnelly for the first time- I had heard stories, but I am absolutely shocked to see it in person. What a huge waste- NOTHING is open for visitors and it looked like a ghost town. It is absolutely beautiful up there and there are some AMAZING cabins as you drive further in, I hope that someone can breathe some life into that place soon because it is an absolute tragedy that a place that amazing is sitting like it is.

All in all- such a fun trip, I feel so blessed to have such fantastic friends.

2013-Cascade-103 2013-Cascade-105 2013-Cascade-108 2013-Cascade-109 2013-Cascade-111 2013-Cascade-112


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