Our One Year Anniversary



Its hard for me to believe how quickly our first year of marriage has gone by! Seems like only yesterday that I was stressing about completing wedding crafts and we were just breaking in our new home…and now here we are- a whole year later and it seems like barely any time has passed. I am so sorry, I have been the absolute worst about posting in my personal blog. When you are busy with a career- anything that you like to do, can wait. And since I have been so slammed with the new store,  I can hardly keep my thoughts straight- any downtime of mine has been spent zoning into mindless television shows like Snooki & JWow…its really all I can handle these days as far as complex thoughts outside of work. I decided that it is about time I get caught up since these really are my memories, and I can already barely remember them.

For Mr. Schoener and anniversary numero uno (4 years together!) we went up to the gorgeous city of McCall and stayed in this amazing cabin we reserved on the golf course in town. At first, we did’t know what to do with such a big space and just the two of us, but we shortly filled it with some great conversation, some stand-up comedy on HBO (if you haven’t seen Jay Mohr- watch it, I was crying…), and some much-needed time together. Although we already get to see each other day to day, I never want to forget how spectacular a man my husband is. Someone who can deal with my stress-filled busy life and is still my biggest fan. Someone who makes me feel beautiful on the bad hair days and genuinely loves me as much as I love him…which is more than I thought I could love anyone. The best man…and he is all mine!

We spent the weekend taking photos and video of our leisurely trip…I am seriously the worst- here we go, flashback to September!
















2 thoughts on “Our One Year Anniversary

  1. Happy (belated) anniversary!! You guys are so cute and seem like the perfect match :)
    I’d love to come check out your store and have been meaning to for awhile. Do you have gift wrap, gift tags, etc?

    • Hey hey hey!!! Definitely come by the shop! We have lotsa gifty stuff and wrap. You should be receiving your invite to our holiday party any time now–hope to see you then!!! Miss you silly girl :)

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