Thanksgiving & Mason Jar Snow Globes


This Thanksgiving, we were lucky enough to have Matt’s parents come from Washington to share the holiday with us. Since we have the space (past years living in the smallest of apartments or some guy’s basement) we offered to do Thanksgiving dinner at our house! I cooked my first turkey (prepared by my mother…I couldn’t touch it- it looks like a slimy baby- and I was horrified by the “fun” insides she left in my sink…no thank you.

I did have the bright idea to make mason jar snow globes as a craft to do with the kids while we waited for the turkey…and although they didn’t turn out the way I had thought- we had a blast making them and the end result was still pretty cute.



Jars with a tight screw lid (I recommend getting shorter ones that have a wide mouth. Ours were a little to tall and skinny for our goodies and photos

Hot Glue

Fun stuff to go inside we got little Trees and decorated them, I also printed and laminated some photos for us to use.

Glitter This is your “snow”

Washi Tape &/or String/Ribbon to decorate the outside

Water I know some of the tutorials do water-free…we just went for it!

Directions….as well as I can give them: Glue all of the decorations/photos that you would like to use to the inside of the LID (do not glue to the inside glass unless you arent using water, as soon as we put water in ours- everything glued to the glass popped off immediately and started floating…wah wah. I decided to just glue my picture to the outside of the jar after the fact because the picture I chose was too short to be seen in the jar. Once you are all decorated, add your glitter (a little goes a long way) and screw your lid on tight! Tie with your washi tape or string if you wish- but probably do this after you add water since you might get a little on the outside of the jar.



We had a great day all in all, and I am so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws to share these Holidays with. Love you guys: Hal, Jenny, Aaron, Hailey, Mason & Jaycee! Mandi, Drew, Triniti, Dane, Kendra, Greg & Gavin—we miss you guys like crazy and can’twait for the next time we can all be together!


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