Aromatherapy Bath


My favorite part of my house is my soaker tub. I am obsessed, which is why this isn’t my first post about bath products and it certainly will not be my last! I am somewhat of a bath product whore, of sorts.

Ever since Matt and I have been “trying”, I have been trying to treat my body, uh, less like crap. In doing so- finding natural cures for energy, headaches, and sickness is constantly on my radar. After this nasty winter we have had in Idaho, it is followed with rainy awfulness. Everyone I know is getting sick…

Since I am known for some seasonal allergies around this time, a sniffly nose has me wondering which is which. Regardless- I was looking for an aromatherapy bath that might help my congestion and was pleasantly surprised to find this little gem at my local Walmart! (If anyone feels like sending me a check for the plug, shoot me an email)

It is called: Village Natural Therapy- Cold & Allergy Relief, Foaming Bath Oil & Body Wash. (Whew! Long. And why do I always try to spell it “villiage”? Dumb dumb.)

Anyways- it sort of has a Vicks-y smell when you are using it, but surprisingly the after smell is more Lavender-y! I feel like mixed with the steam, it helps clear my sinuses and also moisturizes dry winter skin (and the bubbles last a long time!) I am a fan.

TIP:::: Since I hate putting on body lotion (friggin HATE it!) I started rubbing down with baby oil before exiting the bath, and it works awesome.


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