image thanks to: unraveleddesign on Flickr


I am sure that if anyone actually reads this blog, they might be thinking- “why all the activity lately?” No, it is NOT because I have excess time lately…I wish it was. But I am trying to make more of an effort to do the things that I love, and for me, it is so easy to get into a rut. Since it is actually my JOB to be creative (as a photographer and graphic artist), it is easy to neglect creating for myself. Making time to learn new things and challenge yourself beyond your regular day-to-day is where I want to be everyday. No matter how busy I get, I want to make sure that I am still learning, growing, and challenging myself as a creative individual. I created this blog as documentation to keep taking care of myself, and to keep growing as a better person.



-Knitting…with needles. (I crochet already, and I just taught myself to knit on a loom…ready to learn grandma style)

-Making my house a home. I am trying to revamp my house room by room to create an organised & inspiring space that I am proud of.

-Take more pictures…of my life. I know, sounds stupid- but we barely ever take photos in our everyday life.

-DeClutter. I am a hoarder, I know it…time to let it go and be more selective about the “stuff” I keep.

-Grow my own food. Last year I was so overwhelmed with my garden that I completely jumped ship. This year, I want to yield and use more efficiently.

-Blog more! Going months without writing makes me a sad person…and sad people are lame.

I am sure there is more, but I think this is a good start…


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