The Glitter Bunny Make Over


What’s that you say, your thrift bunny planter is scaring you? Me too! So the logical solution (to me) seems to cover it with glitter! Holy smokes, they even make glitter spray paint to make your job even easier.


I know it is hard to resist those dead eyes of the previous bunny, but I couldn’t live another day with him…time for a change. I didn’t know that I was such a Rust-oleum advocate, believe it or not- but these cans were all purchased on different days! Ha.


I should have done a step by step with the primer, but I didn’t…sorry.

Transform GlitterBunny-102

I just love my finished bunny planter! I bought this adorable little plant (not sure what it is called) for $6 to plant in him. P.S. if you are a plant neglector, like me, I have a little version of the same plant in the window sill of my home office that I water like once every two months, and it has had blooms on it since summer!

Now that you have invested in 4 cans of paint, it seems obvious to glitter bomb makeover everything you own. Obvi.


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