We’re having a baby!


It’s official, Matt and I are going to be parents! We announced it on facebook (above) and that means its real now. ;-)

Right now I am at a strange point of feeling oddly prepared yet having no idea what I am doing. I am really excited to see what our baby looks like, and I really can’t wait to finally be a mommy- but then I think about the hard things: What am I going to do with this little person while I work? What if we can’t decide on a name, or we do- and I don’t like it later? How will be be able to handle more laundry? What if the baby never wears newborn size and I don’t get to use all these cute tiny clothes!!? Or fast forward- what am I going to do when this baby is a teenager and hates me…naw, my baby would never!

Regardless, there are a lot of things going through a new mother’s mind…especially when I am so exhausted right now, the thought of taking on one more thing sounds impossible considering the simplest of tasks are already pure torture. Now that I am a day away from 13 weeks, I am just thanking God each day that I don’t feel like I am going to puke all day long, after some rough past weeks.

I am hoping one day soon, I will get a burst of energy and do some fun baby-stuff tutorials. I also have some of my favorite baby fashion finds I can’t wait to post about. Soon soon, but for now, I shall lay my head on this desk and pray for strength to accomplish SOMETHING.



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