We’re having a baby boy! *plus a little insight on my pregnancy thus far*

GenderAnnounce-101 Baby Schoener is a boy! Both Matt and I are so overjoyed to think of this little guy coming in to rock our world. It’s funny because I “knew” he was a boy from about 8 weeks- of course I had to do my fair share of wives tales and ultrasound studies, and whether I was doing them correctly or not, my gut instinct said boy (after about a week of thinking he was a girl). Seems that the Schoener way is to have a boy first, then a girl- but it seems to be the Idaho Wedding Industry “curse” (or blessing) to have two boys…so I guess we will have to see if I want to do this again after the first go-round! Our first ultrasound 6 weeks 3 days: little Jellybean was nestled right in the corner! According to the Ramzi method—he would have been uterus right=boy! It’s funny because when I first got this picture, it just looked like a splotch. At that point is it so hard to even imagine that it is actually a baby at all- and it is even harder to go through each strenuous day just to make it to the next milestone. (obsessed much!?) Luckily I found some good apps that kept me looking to the future and helped channel my obsessiveness with the ‘jellybean’. My favorite is Ovia Pregnancy (and I used the Ovia app for conceiving too) which is great because it gives you daily tips and facts about the munchkin at that stage- so always something to look forward to! Of course that isn’t enough for the crazy obsessive mother in training- so I also have: BabyCenter, The Bump, WebMD Pregnancy, Sprout, &  What to Expect. I told you…flippin cray! Right about now is when I got to experience my first bat with morning sickness (all day sickness) which can only be described as a horrible hangover mixed with your worst period with no bleeding. Seriously- it is a agony. 6wk6dy-crop   Second Ultrasound 9 weeks 1 day:  Our Jellybean is now a Gummy Bear! It was so much fun to see him wiggle around and flap his flippers! At this point, he was feeling more like a baby and less like a speck- Matt brought up that he looks like Casper the friendly ghost… At this point- I have ALL these ideas! Although we have no “real” idea if our little monkey is a boy or girl- (although I *knew* boy) I already had a style board for the nursery and was online shopping for graphic onesies with cool design and typography…the obvious thing to do for a graphic designer mom-to-be!  Still obsessed with pregnancy apps and Babycenter boards. At this point, I found a facebook group with December moms–totally recommend btw. It is so crucial to have a support group of other people who know what you are going through. It is so scary to be experiencing all of these changes in your body and not be able to identify normalcy. Sometimes you just need to bitch about your cramps or how sick you are with a group of people who won’t judge you or make you seem ungrateful for your pregnancy. Or sometimes you just need a little drama here and there, us boring married folk have little soap opera to go by in real life. 10514834_10100101935243274_445145343_n   Morning sickness subsided around week 11-13 (felt like the longest 8 weeks of my life, kid you not) and I was starting to show! “Showing” for a pregnant woman is like a love/hate relationship. It is exciting to know that things are happening, but at the same time- you are wondering how much of it is just poop (probably most of it, since pooping is a privilege at this point), your big lunch, water, fat, uterus, and your baby is actually the size of a lime at around 10-11 weeks… None of my clothes would fit and I just looks like I was getting chubby at this point, so LAYERS is sort of how I played it, which just made me look fatter. At 10 weeks, I put on this outfit and was ready to head out the door when I stopped myself: “YOU CANNOT WEAR THIS!!!” I remember cracking up to myself that I thought I would wear a waist pencil skirt with the papoose I had going on. What. A. Joke. So that is when I decided to start the Cinemama App— basically you just take a picture in the same place in the same stance every-ish day. My advice with this is to not put too much stress on it. Just find a consistent spot with a mirror and reasonable light and snap a shot after you get ready. I dont think it is that important that you do EVERY day. When I was first told about the app, it was from another mama who said she recommended doing the same outfit and hair every day….uh ya effing right! I would make it to like 3 pictures and give up. I think it is more about taking photos consistently so you have a nice progression to getting huge. The only think I wish I did is started before I was showing at all. At the end you make a video of your snaps–it is so crazy how much I have changed so far!! (you can also watch your video progress which is cool)Cinemama_10-17wksMost recent Ultrasound- 16 weeks: We found out our little monkey is all BOY!!! And he is a thumb sucker, just like his mama… It was so much fun seeing his arms and legs kick around- active little guy! I also found out that my placenta is currently anterior (between me and baby), which is a big reason why I haven’t been feeling any early kicks. But baby boy was kicking the heck out of his own food bag- which makes this mama a little worried for when he gets some real strength in him! 16weekUS   Alright- there is a brief catch up- but there is a lot more that I have to write about, so I will need to get in the habit of making posts more regularly. I have so many things to talk about, and minimal time to organize and send it. Oh ya, we are in wedding season folks! And our store is keeping us plenty busy with some new and exciting developments!! Just wait and see :)


2 thoughts on “We’re having a baby boy! *plus a little insight on my pregnancy thus far*

  1. So cute! I can’t wait to meet gummy bear in person!! Crew is excited to meet his new friend. Hang in there, pregnancy is beautiful and wonderful… and then, something about glowing?

    • It’s just sweat…

      Dr. told me I looked “better” on my last appointment. “You have more color in your face” which I was personally already thinking I over-did the bronzer.

      Truly, beautiful!

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