My Baby Boy Style

I wrote this post awhile ago, and I just wanted to wait to post since I still needed a link to all of the great little boy fashion below- so I decided I needed to take the time to rearrange my secret baby board on Pinterest to create a new board to share all the cute little boy fashion I find! SO —> here it is <— and I have tons more I still need to move over, so if you have any interest- feel free to follow or revisit any time. Obviously baby boy Schoener already has his own sense of style…this kid is dapper beyond belief, yet truly believes in keeping things comfy- afterall, he is going to be sleeping most of the time for the first few months. So it only makes sense that he his sense of style is dedicated mainly to rad leggings- Mama is already making up-cycled sweater leggings (perfectly cozy for a winter baby!) and cool applique’ onesies. BTW…it is really hard to find any tiny baby jeans that are actually cool –as in, no cargo pockets. Around here, we love denim, sweet modern patterns, woodland animals and mystical creatures, sweater: all and any, cheeky sayings, cool typography, and beanies (if you know my husband, that is a GIVEN)! Be sure to check out my Baby Boy Style Pinterest board for many more (and always adding)—plus I love easy DIY modern baby clothes, so I pin a lot of that stuff too. Obsessed with this little guy already!!! BabyBoyStyle


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