Tiny Crafts

So, since I am obviously a bored housewife with nothing to do, it only makes sense that I am always making stuff… haha ya right- running two companies certainly doesn’t leave me with a ton of extra time, but luckily I have my mother’s wonderfully annoying gift of multitasking. I honestly can’t remember a time that my mom watched a movie without a crocheting project in her hands…so, I possess this gift with is probably terribly obnoxious to my poor husband since we can’t even watch an episode of the Bachelorette without me loom-knitting a baby hat, or cutting tiny pants out of thrift sweaters. Lucky for me, my pathetic tiny crafts are now going towards a real-life baby! So obviously I am going completely overboard. My newest obsession is these tiny little baby booties! I have been on the search for a simple pattern and I found one that I love! CLICK HERE they even include a printable template to cut your fabric from! Simple as that. I wanted mine to look more like Tom’s Shoes, so I added a little pleat in the toe- which I think is pretty damn cute. My first two pair (the stripes) took me about 2 hours, but since I have gotten the hang of it- they go so much faster! I made 5 pairs last night… #obsessedmommyproblemsBaby Boy Shoes DIY TutorialBaby Shoe Tutorial Link  Don’t even get me started on appliques!! These are much more time consuming (and spendy, since you have to buy the onesies too) but thought I would share the ones I made last week: 10439449_10100103562741754_7012604864625016198_n


One thought on “Tiny Crafts

  1. Hi, I’m trying to access the pattern for these booties, but it seems like the link does not work. Would you be able to e-mail me the pattern please? Thank you!

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