Quick but Forever…

26 weeks this week- crazy to think how quickly our little guy will be here (14ish weeks-wahh!?) …but at the same time, it feels like forever away! And according to nearly everyone who asks my due date- it might as well be.

Just so you know- it is so incredibly rude to shriek with horror that I still have 3 months to go… I know, I look like whale, I can see it all over your face. In case you were wondering, my Dr says my weight gain is on point, and I don’t give a shit that you couldn’t tell you were pregnant at 6 months with your kids.

THAT being said: I would totally be okay with not being pregnant anymore. Walking (waddling) a little slower than usual and trying to shove my pudgy, swollen feet into nearly any pair of shoes I own, I could certainly go another day without. But as I sit here in the tub (feet above the heart, people), my little alien is going crazy in there. Squirming around and karate-kicking me like Kung Foo Panda; it is pretty nuts to think about all the amazing things that my poor, tired, manatee body is capable of.

Another thing about pregnancy (or my pregnancy) there is something about knowing you are declining considerably in the ‘looks’ category, but somehow still feeling beautiful and special. So lucky for my husband who always makes me feel like I am ‘hot’ even when both of us know my stretch pants are nearing their max-stretch…”there is no baby in your ass ma’am.”

Super weird and constantly contradictory– this crazy journey.

I love you Matt.


3 thoughts on “Quick but Forever…

  1. Um…ignore all those weirdos! You are gorgeous and your baby is healthy and that is all that matters. Just read your earlier posts about the losses of last year…so so sorry to hear about the struggles that you’ve faced, but you have a unique perspective and a huge heart filled with love for your future kids. Enjoy the next few weeks!

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