Benson Ross…our everything.

Our baby boy is born. I am in so much aww and wonder when I look at him every day- the past 2.5 weeks have already gone by so quickly, and I find myself grasping onto every single moment… My tiny, sweet, new baby is getting bigger and has more personality every day.  I am so overwhelmed by the love that I feel for him and my husband. Our new little family means more to me than I ever would have been able to imagine! My boys…my everything. It is so hard to be a mother, and I am so humbled by how truly wonderful it is.

I have been hesitating to write this post, partially because my birth story is still upsetting to me, but mostly because I am trying to savor every second that Benson and I have together, and taking time away from him to be on my computer feels like such a waste. I thought I would love to be all open and honest about my birth story- especially since I was so honest about how much I “loooooooved” being pregnant, but I still don’t feel up to it. But I do have some photos that are close to my heart (thank you Frannie), and they remind me of what an incredible husband I have. Going through this painful labor reiterates the best choice I have made in my whole life- marrying my husband. I am so incredibly lucky to have such an incredible partner and I can’t believe that my body (MY BODY!!) actually grew this beautiful little love of mine….wow.

Welcoming Benson Ross Schoener: born 11.30.14 at 3:12 am, 8 lbs, 20.5 inches, and perfect.

blog-2014.11.30-delivery-101 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-102 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-103 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-104 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-105 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-106 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-107 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-108 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-109 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-110 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-111 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-112 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-113 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-114 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-115 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-117 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-116 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-118  blog-2014.11.30-delivery-119 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-120 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-121 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-122 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-123 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-124 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-126 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-127blog-2014.11.30-delivery-125 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-130 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-129 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-132 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-131 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-134 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-133 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-136 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-135 blog-2014.11.30-delivery-137


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