Benson’s Nursery


For Benson’s nursery- I wanted something that was bright and airy, but still colorful and fun. We chose an “Idaho” theme with the woodsy details yes still really modern. The colors are: aqua, burnt orange, peach, cream, gold, black and white. I started with the peach on the walls. Everyone thought I was crazy painting a boy’s room “pink” but I wanted it to feel soft and warm, and I am so glad that I stuck to my gut because I think it really has a lot to do with the overall feeling, yet it is super subtle with all the other details. I just wanted a place that felt happy and cozy- and I feel like it is. We can spend all day rolling around on the SUPER SOFT rug and cuddling in the rocker and reading or nursing. I spent a lot of time in here when I was pregnant, and Benson loves his room!

I know every mom probably says this, but I truly feel like I am time traveling. I used to be such a “doer” and now, if it comes to something personal- I am totally a “get-around-to-it-er!” I have so many things that I have put time and effort into and then I never actually document it, or things that I document but never actually post. My nursery is something I never even documented and I am kicking myself for not snapping pics when it was in pristine form! Now it is a definitely “lived in” and “loved” space, which maybe makes it better is some ways? But the crib is lowered, so you can’t see the bedskirt that looked so cute before- and there is an ugly mesh bumper on the side. I am sticking to: “lived in & loved” and better documented after 9 months (and actually posted at 10.5!) than not at all. So…here we go!

I am trying to remember all of the places I got things- but sorry for the ones I forget:

Bookshelf, Crib, Dresser, Changing table: Ikea

Log Pillow, Blue Bird Pillow, Crib Sheet & Changing Pad Cover: Land of Nod

Knit Fox & Bird Dolls: Blabla Kids (Paperie + Pen)

Cream Fringe Rug & Orange Poof:

Fox Print: Gingiber (Paperie + Pen)

Newco Aqua Glider Chair: I searched the internet for this guy  since I was in love and it was discontinued. Finally found a place where they had one left in stock…sorry I can’t remember the name.

Side Table & Lamp: TJ Maxx

Random Glass Details (clock, bird cup, porcelain feather, milk jar) & Plush Fox in Suiting: Anthropologie

Chalkboard Garland: Urban Outfitters

Eat you up & World is lucky Prints: Lindsay Letters

Bear Print: Missmalagata on Society 6

Wood Camp Arrow: VintageKrew on Etsy

Wood Alphabet: graphicspaceswood on Etsy

Wood Idaho: Random Idaho Market

Wood Acorns: Random little store in Sun Valley Idaho

Curtains & Wood rod ends: Ikea


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