It’s an “Us” kind of LOVE


Benson Ross was born on November 30, 2014. Although I was happy before, I had no idea that my love could grow to such a caliber. I loved this tiny little being more than I thought was possible, but it also expanded my love for my husband, my family, even our home. I named this blog “Us kind of love” because of the special relationship that I have with my husband. Although things are definitely difficult sometimes (as is every marriage, I assume) I feel like I lucked out with Matt…we really have something special, and I really think that the decisions I made in my life were because I was supposed to meet him. He is the  sweetest, weirdest, funniest guy, and I think he was made for me. And after seeing this quirky little weird baby we created…I am pretty sure I’m right.The “us” love that has always been me and Matt, was now an “us” of 3…an even better “us.”  We are a couple of weirdos…and our love is the kind only understood by “us.”

Now that we are celebrating a year of welcoming our tiny guy, I am also celebrating the time of when “us” grew by one more.  xoxo


Oh, and the reason you haven’t ever seen these photos before is because being a mom is hard-ass-work. There are about a zillion more posts that maybe one day I will get around to…


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