Benson’s Bear Birthday

Your first baby only turns one once. With how busy I have been with work, prioritizing a party for a baby who doesn’t know any different seems like the last thing I should be doing. When all is said and done, I am so glad I did. This was a celebration of so many things: sharing a year with the tiny human we created, a year of growth- physically for Benson, a year of breastfeeding (holy crap!), and most of all- our year anniversary of becoming a family.

We spent the afternoon with our closest family and friends with a yummy baked potato bar, ping pong in the garage, and roasting s’mores in the fire pits.

We call Benson “Bear” or more like “Beeeeeeeahhhhrrrr”- but he answers to it, and so it was only fitting that it be the theme of his party. Since the kid won’t keep anything on his own head for more than a millisecond, I decided that bear ear headbands would be the perfect guest favor so we would all be bears for Benson (suuuuuper easy- hot glue, head bands, and cut out felt), and the bees and honey just followed suit. I think it turned out cute. The next day we went out to do a photoshoot with the leftover balloons and Benson’s teddy that he loves.

At this point he was standing like a big boy but not totally 100% comfortable. Since then- he has been walking up a storm and getting more and more confident. It is so sweet. Our boy is so BIG.

The “cake smash” was too funny. We don’t usually give Benson a lot of sugar, so a whole cupcake was a little out of my comfort zone. Since this kid loooooooves food and the little tastes of chocolate we have given him, I thought for sure it would be a smash disaster…. but this kid is NOT a fan of being messy, so he kept picking up the cupcake to hand to Matt and I TO FEED TO HIM! Yes, the crown is fitting for our little prince. Oh brother!


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