Grandma we will miss you…


It’s been a sad week as Matt lost his Grandma Martha on Monday.

I met Grandma Martha exactly 2 years ago this week in Katy, Texas where we stayed with her in her home and I took this photo of her and the late Edwin Schoener. I had the pleasure of spending that one and only week with her and Poppy Ed.

Although I didn’t know her very well, I liked her right away. I never felt like I had to prove myself, which is rare with meeting new in-law family. She kept a PRISTINE home and liked things orderly. She was blunt, honest and actually really funny. I will never forget flipping through her huge family photo albums that were meticulously arranged in chronological order. She told me stories that made me fall even more in love with my husband, referring to baby Matt as “Mattso Fatso”- and that the only person who would ever call him by “Matthew” was himself; which is what I always say.  She truly made me feel like I “fit in.”

I was 6 weeks pregnant with Benson, and it was a secret that she was the first to know.

Since leaving Texas, I would write every now and then and send photos of the baby. But never had the pleasure of going back to Katy and introducing her to Benson. Grandma Martha, we will miss you more than you know. I am so thankful that I had a chance to spend a wonderful week with you and Poppy and I hope you get to reunite in Heaven. We love you so much!




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